Category of land:

real estate profitable for investment activities

ID: 11458
Sale of commercial real estate in the municipality of Marneuli.
For Sale: $9 500 000
Region: Georgia - Marneuli
Number of storeys: 1
Space: 5320m2
ID: 11425
An eight-storey house is for sale. Hotel with 103 rooms in Batumi.
For Sale: Consult us
Region: Georgia - Batumi
Number of storeys: 8
Space: 5077m2
Сondition: Without renovated, "Black frame", With layout
ID: 11320
Investment land with its own mini hotel and a private house 300 meters from the sea in Gonio.
For Sale: $1 550 000
Region: Georgia - Gonio (seacoast)
Number of storeys: 2
Space: 1100m2
Сondition: Renovated, With furniture and appliances, The object supplied with gas
ID: 11318
Non-agricultural investment land in the industrial zone of the city.
For Sale: $319 930
Region: Georgia - Batumi
ID: 11314
Investment land for sale 50 meters from the Black Sea coast.
For Sale: $2 007 400
Region: Georgia - Ureki (seacoast)
ID: 11313
Investment pools for fish production on the banks of the Chorokhi.
For Sale: Consult us
Region: Georgia - Batumi-regions, Akhalsopeli
ID: 11311
Commercial land for sale on the banks of the river, advantageously for a restaurant.
For Sale: $300 000
Region: Georgia - Batumi regions-Khelvachauri, Charnali
ID: 11291
Non-agricultural land for industrial and construction projects in Batumi.
For Sale: $1 100 000
Long Term Rental: Consult us
Region: Georgia - Batumi
Number of storeys: 1
Space: 1200m2
Сondition: Without renovated
ID: 11139
For sale 6 - storey building with a total area of 1080 sq. in the city of Batumi.
For Sale: Consult us
Region: Georgia - Batumi
Number of storeys: 6
Space: 1080m2
Сondition: Without renovated, "Black frame", "Green frame", Free layout
ID: 11072
Investment land for sale in Kobuleti.
For Sale: $657 450
Region: Georgia - Kobuleti (seacoast)
ID: 11071
Investment land for sale from the center of Kobuleti, 3 km-ah. Profitable for investment.
For Sale: $224 360
Region: Georgia - Kobuleti (seacoast)
ID: 11015
For sale a hotel under construction with 11 rooms on the Black Sea coast in Grigoleti.
For Sale: $440 000
Region: Georgia - Grigoleti (seacoast)
Number of storeys: 3
Space: 450m2
Сondition: "Black frame", Free layout, Panoramic windows
ID: 11005
An investment land plot for agricultural purposes is urgently sold in Natanebi not far from the central highway of Batumi Tbilisi.
For Sale: Consult us
Region: Georgia - Ozurgeti, Natanebi
ID: 11002
Investment land for sale for a restaurant and a hotel with a gorgeous view of the sea and mountains.
For Sale: Consult us
Region: Georgia - Shekveteli (seacoast)
ID: 10945
Investment land for sale by the river in Chakvi.
For Sale: $538 230
Region: Georgia - Chakvi (seacoast)
ID: 10938
Investment land for sale on Sarpi Batumi highway 400 meters from the sea in Gonio.
For Sale: $337 440
Region: Georgia - Gonio (seacoast)
ID: 10916
Investment land for sale in Saguramo, Mtskheta.
For Sale: $495 000
Region: Georgia - Mtskheta, Saguramo
ID: 10911
Investment land for sale on the airport highway in the city of Batumi.
For Sale: $552 400
Region: Georgia - Batumi
ID: 10910
For sale an investment land plot for the construction of a residential building or a hotel in the city of Batumi.
For Sale: $356 700
Region: Georgia - Batumi
ID: 10907
A land plot for sale with a factory building in Tbilisi not far from the central highway.
For Sale: $2 750 000
Region: Georgia - Tbilisi

Why is it worth to buy property in Georgia?

Nature - the Black Sea, beaches, mountains, sub-tropical climate, the resort area in truly a heavenly place.

Prices - average prices in the secondary real estate Georgia market are 650-950$/m2. Prices for apartments in new buildings in Georgia are 350-800$/m2, and for the time of the construct completion are 1000-1500$/m2. These factors indicate a positive trend of growth in demand and a high degree of Georgia real estate liquidity. The most profitable options, from viewpoint of investment is the purchase of land, residential and commercial property, as well as investments in Georgian new buildings.

Guarantees - Georgia Government is eager to improve maximally the investment climate in country for the past few years. Owing to the decisive steps taken, nowadays for foreign investors, businesses and individuals more favorable conditions are created than for the local population. For foreign citizen it is much easier to buy real estate in Georgia, than in many other countries. The investment is fully protected by the current legislation. Foreigners do not need to declare the income sources that obligative for the citizens of Georgia.

Demand on property in Georgia is growing from year to year. Foreign investors are showing more interest in purchasing of Georgia real estate. According to the Economic Freedom Index, Georgia holds the 21th place among 185 countries in the world. Certainly, it is really hard to find more worthwhile and comfortable conditions of real estate purchase in the resort area.

Why should you choose our сompany?

Conditions - our сompany is working on the most beneficial terms for you and practice an individual approach to each client. There is an enormous base of real estate objects in Georgia.

Our commission 0%! We work directly from the sellers, on the developers̕ and owners̕ prices of real estate, and we don’t charge any extra fee from the purchasers.

Our clients perform the monetary operation and the contract signature directly with the real estate developers and property owners.

Through active cooperation with foreign Real Estate Agencies, more than 70 % of our clients are foreign citizens.

The experience and guarantees - we have the experience, knowledge, established contacts and qualified staff to provide the excellent service. Our сompany is familiar with the intricacies of the legislation and taxation, and we will release you from all possible risks. We will ensure the legal support, suggest, recommend and explain many of the "legal niceties" of the local legislation.

Confidentiality - we pay respect for the requests of our clients. The accumulated experience helps us to provide the special attention for clients, requiring maximum of privacy.