New 19-storey residential building on Eliava street in Batumi. Apartments at the price of builders.

The new house is located on the New Batumi Boulevard, G. Eliava Street. The house is located 400 meters from the Black Sea coast and Novy Boulevard park. The house has 19 floors. On the first and second floors there are commercial areas, which will house a shopping center, a conference room, a reception, a cafe, a bar, a recreation area. 2-19 floors Residential premises. The minimum area of the apartment is 23.4, and the maximum is 72.3 square meters. It is possible to combine apartments. Apartments for sale with a black frame condition, it is possible to order a white frame. The house will have natural gas, electricity and water. Metal-plastic doors and facade windows, a metal entrance door, a finished facade, two elevators, a renovated stairwell and corridors will be inserted. The house will be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2023. The company offers internal interest-free installments. Until completion of construction for studio apartments, and for large apartments by the end of 2024. The initial payment is 15%. The owner of the apartment will be served by a management company that will provide the service of renting an apartment.
№: 11538
1 - 2 storeys: from $0/m2.
3 - 19 storeys: from $900/m2 to $1 500/m2.
Type: New buildings at developer prices
Houses & residential complexes
The residential complex serviced by the management company-operator of hotel and residential real estate
Apartment owners may make an agreement for services and rent through the management company, without the need for personal presence
Region: Georgia - Batumi
Address: G.Eliava St
location: At the seaside, "New Boulevard", Resort district, Quiet district, Entrance from facade
Number of storeys: 19
Сondition: Without renovated, "Black frame", Free layout, Panoramic windows, The object supplied with gas
Payment by instalments will be considered until 4 quarter in 2024.
Initial installment is 30%.
Completion of construction - 2 quarter in 2024.
Interest-free installment from the developer.
1 - 2 storeys: commercial areas. Ceiling height - 6m.
3 - 19 storeys: residential areas, 23m2. - 77m2. Ceiling height - 3.1m.
Elevator, underground parking, yard parking for cars, well-organized courtyard, well-organized courtyard with children playground
Monolith-frame house, luxury apartments, apartments, residential areas, Fitness center, a restaurant, a cafe



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