Apartments in a new residential building "Yalsyn Star Residence" by the sea on Inasaridze Street in Batumi. Apartments with sea and mountain views.

Residential complex "Yalsyn Star Residence" in Batumi is located no further than four hundred meters from the sea. It is located next to the dancing fountains of Lake Ardagani, and only half an hour's walk from the center. Nearby are Sherif Khimshiashvili and Tbel-Abuseridze Streets - the most important highways in Batumi, along which you can drive along almost the entire coast. There is a full range of socially significant objects nearby. There is a school, a cafe, a small cinema, a supermarket and a shopping center nearby. Nearby there are restaurants, a fitness club, a kindergarten and beauty salons. Within walking distance of the zoo and the Batumi Dolphinarium. Residential complex "Yalsyn Star Residence" is an elite thirty-six-storey building, built by the company "Yalcin Star Residence LTD". During its construction, only the highest quality materials were used, advanced technologies were used, which ensured high strength and durability of the structure. The building has a monolithic concrete frame, the facade has reliable insulation. The high-rise building is equipped with high-speed and noiseless elevators. Residents of the complex have the opportunity to: use a large swimming pool with a canopy; playground for children; cozy recreation areas located on the exploited roof; there is a helipad on the roof of the residential complex from the developer "Yalcin Star Residence LTD". The complex has underground and guest parking.
№: 3
4 - 10 storeys: from $650/m2.
11 - 20 storeys: from $750/m2.
21 - 28 storeys: from $850/m2.
29 - 37 storeys: from $950/m2 to $1 200/m2.
Type: New buildings at developer prices
Business-elite hotel-type residential complexes
The residential complex serviced by the management company-operator of hotel and residential real estate
Apartment owners may make an agreement for services and rent through the management company, without the need for personal presence
Region: Georgia - Batumi
Address: N.Pirosmani St
location: At the seaside, "New Boulevard", Sea view, Public place, Entrance from facade
Number of storeys: 37
Сondition: "White frame", Panoramic windows, The object supplied with gas
The construction was completed in 2016.
All areas (objects) from developer were sold.
There are several offers from owners in this object, options: 23.
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1 - 3 storeys: commercial areas.
4 - 37 storeys: residential areas, 40m2. - 95m2. Ceiling height - 3m.
Elevator, underground parking, parking, well-organized courtyard with sports and children playgrounds
Monolith-frame house, apartments, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, medical center, beauty salon, Sports & Fitness complex, a restaurant, a cafe, shops, Bowling alley


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